How to Find Happiness in a Marriage

How to Find Happiness in a Marriage

It is very important to find both present moment happiness and joy about the future. Happiness is the fuel for a meaningful life without it we cannot seem to get off the ground. How to find happiness in a marriage is not always an easy solution you have to work for it. You must focus on the things that you have in order to find happiness in your marriage.

Most folks like to dwell on the things that they do not have and even pine over them. This plainly put in the Bible by Jesus; states do not covet your neighbor’s wife, nor his house, fields, money, anything that is not yours do not covet. This may seem like a simple commandment to follow but in some people, it is rather difficult. You see they have not found happiness in their own life so therefore they do not know how to find happiness in a marriage.

How to find happiness in a marriage stems from the factor that you already have found happiness in your own life. In ordinary times, people know what they are blessed with. Others, who just simply crave what ever they see and want it badly usually, are never happy for their worldly possessions cannot fill the empty void inside of them.

How to find happiness in a marriage begins with everybody finding happiness with God. God will help you through your mood swings and lift you up helping you to forget worries. Happiness is the normal state of humanity. Look at a baby and watch it smile. The baby does not want anything in return, it is truly happy. For the next three days spend time looking for your moments of happiness. Each moment in your life kept filled with pleasure will help you to keep happiness in your marriage. Please count the moments of happiness that you have felt. Then think about some of the material things, are they put away or gone? The material things seemingly just disappear while moments of happiness linger with us forever.

How to find happiness in a marriage is by your attitude. True happiness is an attitude of noticing the good constantly coming our way. You will find that there is so much good coming every minute, there is no need to hand onto the past. We need to grasp onto a rope to keep ourselves from drowning even on dry land. The trick to finding happiness in our own lives and that of our marriage is to get into the habit of looking for good things, instead of griping all day about everything that has gone wrong. Joy gives us a feeling of power and energy. Joy means being excited about now and about the future. I always believed to find really JOY in your life that you need to follow these simple basic rules. First, you need to put Jesus first in your life, Others next in your life, and then yourself, last! That has always been my recipe for a happier more joyful life and marriage with my husband.

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