Keenness of the Redemptive Self

´╗┐Keenness of the Redemptive Self

Spirituality is the non-material being or phenomenon that manifests itself in terms of your psyche and overall self. It is reflected in your faith and beliefs that seek to answer metaphysical questions that otherwise would seem difficult to resolve. The soul and your self are the realms to this discovery of spirituality within a person as it gives a sense of confidence, self-realization and self acceptance. In the material world, you often come to “dead ends” where you try to find solutions to problems but are unable to get any. This neurotic sense of being naturally diverts your energies for having faith in God, disciplines and any other ideas that enable you a heightened sense of being. With spirituality, your self and soul gain a sense of strength, which rejuvenates your sense of being and proves an important utility to combat against diseases.

When a person gains a sense of spirituality, you may ask. There is no specific age to realizing spirituality in fact at a young age it is reflected in the creativity of a child. A child is high in mental awareness and reflects this through his play activities and with gaining a sense of nurturance and comfort. However, it is in adulthood and older ages that individuals are seen keener to developing a sense of spirituality. This is because at older ages experiencing everyday realities of the life are filled with stress and anxiety. But in childhood the age of innocence surrounds the Childs sense of being and it is to many individuals wish to return back to this age of innocence.

In contrasting the ages, the peak of the soul and self is seen during adulthood. Generally, at this time individuals are strong in their realization of God. This is because they are nearer to death and have seen most of the life past by them and know need added strength to face death. But it would be narrow-minded just say that individuals facing death at an older age need a sense of spirituality. Actually, at an older age the body and mind begin to manifest disproportional relations to each other, which results in significant lag between them. With the depreciation in the body and a sense of increased wisdom in the mind, the individual becomes increasingly prone to anxiety and stress. Further, to counter the threat of disease and illness the person has to utilize the faculties of the mind whereby knowledge only serves to bring a sense of enlightenment. For example, a person suffering from a terminal illness will gain a renewed sense of belief by reading religious texts that would enable him to gain strength in combating the illness.

The self and soul are just but branches spouting out from the main stem of spirituality. If this stem is cut then the energies canalized to the branches will hamper the development of the “tree of life” in general. Spirituality is sixth sense within individuals. By a sixth, sense it does not necessarily mean that it helps in the prediction of the future and deterring the right course of action the one should take. But that sixth sense that enables the bonding between the self and the soul and helps in achieving a sense of nirvana.

Therefore, the self and soul are in a constant state of unity between each other throughout ones age. Spirituality is one basis upon which soul and the self form a basis of relationship in order to gain strength. Moreover, it is through spirituality that one gets a sense of self-realization and self confidence that benefits the individual to gain a sense of nirvana.

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