Spirituality in the Redemptive Self

´╗┐Spirituality in the Redemptive Self

Wisdom is like a rose that is ready to sprout with potential to bring beauty into this world. As one develops throughout the ages he also develops wisdom which finally begins to peak in the later adulthood. This wisdom is not only seen in terms of the knowledge that a person gains throughout his life but in terms of the experience, that one derives from failures and happiness.

Moreover, it is wisdom that leads to the strengthening of spirituality in order to realize the potential of the self and soul. Spirituality is the psychical being that an individual manifests and it is upon its basis that a person realizes the potential of his soul and self. Wisdom and spirituality are the cornerstones towards developing the soul and self. Through wisdom, you get the essential knowledge that is needed for the enlightenment. The enlightenment leads to spiritual realization, which strengthens your self confidence and acceptance. If the highest form of spirituality is achieved then the person may experience nirvana or that particular time in space where mind, body and soul are one.

It has been of considerable scientific speculation to find the origin of the soul in the body. It was Rene Descartes famous hypothesis that the soul rested in the pituitary gland of the brain. But this proved antithetical to the very basis of the meaning of the soul. The soul is immaterial and therefore cannot manifest itself in matter. However, over the ages with the advancement of living the study of the soul has become more of a paranormal aspect than a scientific one?

Psychologically your soul rests within the confines of your mental processes. In fact, it is not a single entity but an aggregate of neural activity in the brain that canalizes all your psychological energy. This psychological energy is seen in terms of you faiths and beliefs. It is not a superstitious entity and the need to realize the true potential that is manifest within you.

Your soul gains expression through what you believe in. In order to express, your beliefs a person starts practicing the interest that he believes in. This might be through joining a club or sect or offering prayers in accordance with the religion that an individual belongs to. By practicing the beliefs that the soul dictates the person canalizes the beliefs into actions. When these actions are produced in reality the self gains a sense of identity as the individual inherits a sense of awareness that whatever he or she is doing is crucial to the identity of the individual.

With this renewed sense of identity by practicing ones beliefs your soul and self blend into the other. This is the criteria of happy living, as happiness can only be realized when mind and body are one. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that health be maintained in order for the body to remain healthy. As for the mind, the faculties of concentration, attention and creativity should be at their top most. With these criteria’s of the mind and body in good shape, the soul and self can be guaranteed a positive development.

You must remember that your soul is the aggregate of all the actions that you do in real life. It is these actions that determine your self concept. In short, it is your Karma that decides that right course of action. Your judgment between good and evil is decided upon how you would want to represent yourself. It is only with heightened spirituality and wisdom that you would do a good deed and maintain a positive self-concept.

Thus, the essence of your self and soul is your spirituality. Spirituality enables you to have faith and maintain beliefs even while facing stressors throughout ones life.

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