Find Insight And Knowledge From Self Help Audio Books

Find Insight And Knowledge From Self Help Audio Books

You have probably never thought of an Audio Book as a tool for self help, motivation and growth. But the truth is, audiobooks are excellent resources of all kinds of information.

A self help audio book may be an inspirational story about someone who survived a life altering event. Maybe you have challenges in your career and need the motivation to be strong and see it through. Audio books can provide wonderful insight for anyone needing personal encouragement.

Audio books are the perfect medium for weight loss and other health issues such as cigarette smoking. For the person trying to lose weight, an audio book can be the absolute most positive tool you have. For instance, if you are following the South Beach Diet, you can download the audio book version and listen to Dr Agaston narrate through the program, step by step. Then listen while you exercise, drive or do house chores.

Perhaps you have a job where you earn your salary based on sales commissions. You may benefit immensely from a very popular download by Zig Ziglar. This man can motivate a snail. This download provides vital strategies for specific closes, hundred of sales questions, and dozens of persuasion procedures to help everyone sell their ideas, products or themselves.

Of course these are just a couple of examples of self help audiobooks, a browse through an online audio book store will provide you with thousands of self help titles to choose from.

The convenience of audiobooks make them terrific for on the go people. You can listen to any audio book on your iPod, MP3 player or even on a CD for portable convenience.

Self help audio books can provide the information to enrich and enhance lives. All that is needed is the eagerness to improve and the willingness to open your mind to grow.

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Are you a bookworm?

Are you a bookworm?

Most of us like to read and gain knowledge. A book can simply help once cause. It can be your best friend in your spare time, while traveling or may be a late night friend. Book can help you advance your knowledge about a subject and increase your general knowledge. Regular book reading can also help a person master his language and improve on communication skills.

If you are a bookworm and just can’t do without them stop buying new books. You can start a book sharing club with your friends and colleagues. Book sharing club can certainly help as it is not always possible to spend money on books. A book sharing club will certainly help you save your resources and money.

Today one can find different types of entertainment books online. These books are specially designed on the basis of different age groups. There are books available for children and for adults.

Children’s book store
Children usually like entertainment books. Today one can find wide varieties of children book in the market. You can help your child specialize his skills with the help of following books
• Painting book
• Decoration book
• Puzzle book
• General knowledge book
• Do it yourself book

Are you interested in writing books?
Reading and writing book are two different ends of the same world. But they both have one goal of imparting knowledge. People write as a hobby as well for business. If you are thinking of being a writer you could try out any of the following field.

• Write short stories or novels
• Writing non-fiction books
• Write poetries
• Write useful tips about different stuffs
• Write informative Articles
• Write newsletters
• Write inspirational stories
• Write autobiographies
• Write how to articles

You could also write various informative articles make them as booklets and give them for free or cash.

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Hundreds of Thousands Come Together to Pray

Hundreds of Thousands Come Together to Pray

On Sept. 8, hundreds of thousands of people will come together in prayer during the 12th annual Unity World Day of Prayer. This interfaith event is open to people of all religions and all walks of life.

Unity is a worldwide movement founded in 1889 that helps people of all faiths apply positive spiritual principles to their daily lives. It is best known for Daily Word, a monthly magazine of inspirational messages that is distributed to about 1 million people in 175 countries.

Since 1994, millions of people have been embraced in prayer during special World Day of Prayer vigils held at many of the nearly 900 Unity churches and centers around the world. Last year, participants offered prayers for an estimated 1.3 million people during the prayer vigil at the Unity world headquarters at Unity Village, Mo.

"This is a day filled with the energy of prayer," said Tom Zender, president of Unity. "As people around the world join in prayer on this day, the energy intensifies. It will be a day of transformation."

Silent Unity, the trans-denominational prayer ministry of Unity, maintains a 24-hour prayer vigil every day of the year and receives more than 2 million letters, telephone calls and Internet requests for prayer annually.

To learn more about the Unity World Day of Prayer, to submit names of friends and family members for the prayer vigil and to enjoy an affirmation set to sound and motion, visit also can find local Unity churches that serve as host centers for local World Day of Prayer activities.

"World Day of Prayer is an opportunity to transform the world through prayer," Zender said. "Praying together, we open our minds and hearts to the unconditional love of God that heals, inspires, guides and strengthens."

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Putting it on Paper: Book Review

Putting it on Paper: Book Review

Dawn Josephson, author of 14 books, has written a fantastic author resource with her latest book Putting it on Paper – The ground rules for creating promotional pieces that sell books. This book discusses the development and use of contents within a media kit, and other marketing materials. From cover letters, press releases, book reviews, bios, sell and catalog sheets to articles – Dawn covers it all.

Each chapter concludes with two brief, but very helpful sections. ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ is an essential ingredient to this well-rounded book because it touches on creativity and exceptions to the rule. Her section ‘Key Points’ acts as a summery to the main ideas within the chapter.

There are many excellent samples of actual promotional pieces, which give authors a variety of choices and ideas to use in creating the content for their own marketing materials. The samples are also precluded with notes on the construction of the piece so that the reader can fully understand the purpose of each opening, paragraph or by-line. Dawn shows many ways to tweak text for each piece and then closes with how to present promotional materials to various markets.

I really enjoyed the thought provoking quotes she used throughout the book and felt Putting it on Paper was quite inspirational. As an author who has spent a year of intensive marketing research and hands on application, I can say that several of Dawn’s tips are unique and I cannot wait to try them. The information on multiple press releases, mock book reviews and catalog sheets were particularly helpful for my own applications.

I highly recommend this useful book to any author who is facing book promotion. Putting it on Paper will certainly help authors get noticed.

ISBN#: 0974496618
Publisher: Ground Rules Press
Author: Dawn Josephson

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Lakes & Seas Screensavers – Do You Love Water?

Lakes & Seas Screensavers – Do You Love Water?

Are you a water lover? Do you love to watch water/ Look at its purity and enjoy its movements? Do you love watching the waves- the never-ending movement? Do you love the lakes- the calmness of water? Or are you in love with rivers? If you are a water lover, here is good news for you.

Water Screensavers in real videos are now available free for you. Download as many as you want at no cost. Watch the water splashing on your computer screens. Watch the clear blue sky meeting the ocean on the horizon. You will get mesmerized. Download screensavers with lakes and enjoy the bliss of serenity of the lakes. The calm shores with birds chirping around.

All the free screensavers have beautiful music to relax you further. Water has its own charm. There is nothing like water. Whenever you feel tense, go on seashore. Watch the waves and the giant expanse of the sea. You will feel that nature is very liberal with its beauty. it shows us so many beautiful sights. A sense of deep peace will surround you. You will feel the same effect when you watch the screensavers on your screens. It is boon of technology. You get them free. What more can one ask for? Download few Ocean and lakes screensavers today.

You will love them. A very large collection awaits you. Click on the thumbnail and begin downloading. Whenever you feel like watching them, click them on and enjoy. You will get some with Calendars and Clocks. Some screensavers come with inspirational and romantic text. It is a treat. Enjoy.

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The 2008 Beijing Olympics: What to Watch For

The 2008 Beijing Olympics: What to Watch For

The Olympic Games have always been a captivating event for spectators to behold. Each edition of the Summer Olympic Games presents its own storylines, memorable moments, heroes, and inspirational events. This year, there will be many great stories that come seemingly out of nowhere, but there are also great stories that have already been set up, that will keep the attention of viewers worldwide as the 2008 Beijing Olympics join sports history as one of the biggest events ever.

With all the events taking place and athletes competing, it can be hard to even know what to follow. Here’s a beginner’s guide to a few of the stories to watch as the Beijing Olympics draw progressively nearer.

In 2004’s Summer Olympic Games in Athens, one of the biggest surprises was the collapse of the U.S. men’s basketball team. The team started out with a loss to Puerto Rico, and would go on to lost two more games en route to a bronze medal. The three losses in the 2004 Olympic Games surpassed the number of losses that the U.S. team had endured in Olympic history before that point.

After another disappointing third place finish at the 2006 World Championships, the 2008 U.S. men’s basketball team will look to reclaim their former glory. The team is taking a different direction, as coaches and USA Basketball have attempted to form a cohesive team that will play as a unit rather than yet another thrown together roster of NBA All-Stars. Only time will tell if the team will win the gold against an emerging world of basketball superstars that continue to grow in talent.

It will also be fun to watch China’s athletes compete in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Athletes always compete a little harder in their home country, and the Chinese athletes are certain to be ready when the Olympics commence in Beijing this summer. In 2004’s Olympic Games in Athens, China finished second overall with 32 gold medals, so they have set the stage for Olympic dominance. With strong athletes in nearly every Olympic sport, it will be interesting to see what kind of effort China’s athletes can put together as they host athletes from all over the world in the 2008 Olympic Games.

Track and field events are always among the most anticipated, but this year there may be an unprecedented newcomer to one or more events. Oscar Pistorius, born without fibulas in either of his legs, is a double-amputee athlete who runs with the use of carbon fiber “blades” nicknamed “Cheetahs” that help him run like an able-bodied athlete. After initially being told he couldn’t compete in this year’s Olympics because a German scientist believed that the blades gave Pistorius an unfair advantage, Pistorius successfully appealed the ruling and will be free to qualify for this year’s Olympic Games in Beijing.

If Pistorius can better his time in the 400 meters (which is one second off of Olympic qualifying pace), he will make history when he lines up on the track this summer. Even if he does not meet the required time, he may still be selected to race as part of his native South African relay team. If Pistorius does compete, you won’t want to miss it.

Finally, 41-year old Dara Torres is spicing up the swimming world with her possible participation in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Torres would set a number of records, including most Olympic appearances by a swimmer (5) and oldest swimmer to compete in the Olympics, if she is able to successfully qualify. Her road to doing so appears to be pretty certain, as she is actually swimming faster than she did years ago when she was an Olympian! You’ll want to follow this amazing and inspirational athlete in Beijing, whether you’re a fan of swimming or not.

These are just a few of the intriguing stories that have presented themselves already as the Olympics get closer. Make sure to catch the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China so that you won’t miss out on any of the historic events that are sure to happen.


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What’s It Like Being You? – Book Review

What’s It Like Being You? – Book Review

What’s it Like Being You? – Living Life as Your True Self is co-written by John Roger and Paul Kaye, who have collaborated previously on another book. Both of these authors are successful and sought-after lecturers, educators and best-selling authors in the self-help and spirituality genres.

This 184-page non-fiction book is jammed packed with helpful commentary that readers can use in their own lives to change their attitude towards themselves. By doing this, we can learn more about our purpose in life, attain more energy and a positive outlook in every moment of every day.

The heavy, durable cover is designed with large inner flaps that can easily serve as bookmarks. To help readers through the ongoing challenges to attain peace within themselves and in their lives, the authors have provided us with an inspirational meditation CD of just over 45 minutes in length.

In all, I felt a kin-ship with many parts of What’s it Like Being You? . In fact, it was like the authors had read my book of poetry (Towards Understanding) and translated it for me. I was able to see the journey I have been on from a different angle and I found this comforting.

Certainly, this book has provided helpful advice that will aide me in tuning out the noise and stresses of the world and focus on what this life – each moment of every day – brings forth.

ISBN#: 1-89020-25-8
Authors: John Roger and Paul Kaye
Publisher: Mandeville Press
Published: Nov. 2004

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Male Athletes to Watch in the Beijing Olympics

Male Athletes to Watch in the Beijing Olympics

Each edition of the Olympic Games showcases some of the finest athletes in the world doing what they do best while representing their home countries. This year’s Games in Beijing, China, will be no different. There are so many great athletes, both male and female, that it can be hard to know who to look out for. Here’s a few of the athletes on the male side that you’ll want to keep an eye on during the Beijing Olympic Games.

Yao Ming is a Chinese basketball player who has blossomed to one of the best players in the entire world, and most likely the best player at his position anywhere. Yao has succeeded in the NBA, becoming the first Chinese player to do so, and has experienced international success in the past, being named to All-Tournament teams at the Olympics and World Championships. Yao’s ultimate goal is to bring a gold medal to China, and the fact that this year’s Olympics are in his own home country only intensifies this desire. At over seven feet fall, Yao possesses uncommon agility, shooting ability, and passing, and will be playing his best basketball when the Olympic Games begin in Beijing. Don’t miss a moment of Yao and company on the court!

While we’re talking basketball, we have to discuss United States basketball superstar Kobe Bryant. Bryant is arguably the most exciting player in the world, and is in the prime of his career. This year, he won the NBA MVP Award for the first time in his career, while taking his team, the Los Angeles Lakers, to new heights. Able to soar in the air for acrobatic baskets as well as playing great defense and getting teammates involved, Bryant is the ultimate basketball weapon and is devoted to getting the United States back to the top of the international basketball world. Bryant has proven his dedication by refusing to get surgery on his injured finger until after the Olympic Games. Bryant is not only one of the most exciting athletes in the Olympic basketball tournament, but in the entire Olympic Games.

You would be hard pressed to find a more inspirational athlete than South Africa’s Oscar Pistorius. Pistorius was born lacking fibulas in both of his legs, and as a result has been a double-amputee basically all of his life. However, Pistorius never let his setbacks define him, as he’s competed in many sports throughout his life, most at a very high level. During rehabilitation from a rugby injury years ago, Pistorius fell in love with running, and with carbon fiber blades that allow him to run like an able-bodied athletes, he’s shattered Paralympic sprinting records, and even competed favorably against able-bodied athletes. If Pistorius can either beat the qualifying time he needs for the 400 meters or be invited to be on the South African relay team, he’ll be possibly the biggest story of the entire Beijing Olympics.

This may seem like a cop-out, but it’s impossible to really single out any of them, so make sure to watch the entire Brazilian soccer team. Team Brazil came in second place in the 2006 World Cup, then finished first in the 2007 Copa America, and seem primed for success in Beijing. An extremely fun team to watch, their team includes some of the most exciting players in the world, such as Ronaldinho and Robinho.

Again, there are many more athletes that you’ll want to watch this summer during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, but this list is a good start. Every athlete that reaches the Olympic level is worth watching and will amaze you with their athletic ability, but some athletes always rise above the top with their skill, natural ability, hard work, dedication and perseverance. If you get a chance to watch these talented and inspirational performers, make sure you take advantage of it!


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Air it Out with Basketball Quotes

Air it Out with Basketball Quotes

‘Talent wins games, but team work and intelligence wins championships.’

That’s from the best basketball player ever Michael Jordan. Surprised? No, a fanatic must not be but should live with basketball quotes made famous by prominent and leaders of the game. Michael Jordan for one is not just a player but a mentor in his own right. He tends to touch the lives of his fanatics and every person around the world through his words of wisdom and he should be followed for the great example he proved the world. And he’s got a lot to say plus he’s not the only one, all basketball stars have their own piece of advice in the form of basketball quotes.

Wish to have a compilation of these quotes? Find hundreds if not thousands of important and useful basketball quotes in the web by checking out reputed basketball sites online. Find the best ones from top scorers like Michael Jordan, Bill Vaughn, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bobby Knight, Weldon Drew, Dave DeBusschere, Kobe Bryant, Larry Bird, LeBron, Shaq O’neil, and so many more. 10 of the most famous and loved inspirational basketball quotes are as follows:

– Favorite Basketball Quotes #1:
‘Any American boy can be a basketball star if he grows up, up, up.’
-Bill Vaughn

– Favorite Basketball Quotes #2:
‘One man can be a crucial ingredient on a team, but one man cannot make a team.’
-Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

– Favorite Basketball Quotes #3:
‘You don’t play against opponents; you play against the game of basketball.’
-Bobby Knight

– Favorite Basketball Quotes #4:
‘We have a great bunch of outside shooters. Unfortunately, all our games are played indoors.’
-Weldon Drew

– Favorite Basketball Quotes #5:
‘The best teams have chemistry. They communicate with each other and they sacrifice personal glory for the common goal.’
-Dave DeBusschere

– Favorite Basketball Quotes #6:
‘I haven’t been able to slam-dunk the basketball for the past five years. Or, for the thirty-eight years before that, either.’
-Dave Barry

– Favorite Basketball Quotes #7:
‘Basketball doesn’t build character. It reveals it.’

– Favorite Basketball Quotes #8:
‘Talent wins games, but team work and intelligence wins championships.’
-Michael Jordan

– Favorite Basketball Quotes #9:
‘I tell kids to pursue their basketball dreams, but I tell them to not let that be their only dream.’
-Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

– Favorite Basketball Quotes #10:
‘As far as carrying the torch for the years to come, I don’t know. I just want to be the best basketball player I can be.’
-Kobe Bryant

There are still very many basketball quotes you can find in the web that were once used in interviews and books written about the biggest names in basketball like the Losing Game and Basketball Secrets by Michael Jordan, Feeling Good and Work by Ed Macauley, basketball Advice by Derek Jeter, Stick with your man by Coach Norman Dale in Hosiers, Dreams by Pete Maravich, Definition of a Winner by Larry Bird, Basketball Game Success by Pat Riley and so many more.

The best thing is that you can get all these compiled for your own database. All you have to do is register on reputable basketball quotes sites and download each and every inspirational quote you will find along with the names of your favorite stars. These will all be useful in researches and for personal uses, free of charge!

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Su ducha de bebé cesta de regalo

Su ducha de bebé cesta de regalo

Los regalos personalizados

Personalización de regalo de un bebé es una excelente idea, por lo que el regalo distinto y especial y se convierte en un símbolo preciado a través de los años. Al dar o hacer un regalo más pronto, antes de que probable de parto, se enfrenta con un problema, es decir, que aún no está seguro del nombre y la fecha de nacimiento. Una opción a considerar es dándole un certificado de regalo para un diseño de grabado o grabado junto con su regalo. De esta manera, cuando llegue el día maravilloso, los padres pueden hacer su regalo y lo han personalizado.

Las opciones para los regalos personalizados son tazas de bebé, marco de fotos, joyas o un juego de cubiertos. Hay una amplia selección de artículos que se pueden personalizar; Lo único que tienes que hacer es mirar.

Una manta para el bebé bordado con el nombre del bebé junto con el significado del nombre sería un excelente regalo para la mamá y el bebé.

Su trabajo de la cesta del regalo del amor

cestas de regalo son muy populares hoy en día y, de hecho una idea maravillosa que, o bien puede ser comprada hecha a la medida o ya hecho. O bien, puede hacerlo por sí solo al reunir todos los artículos del bebé que le gusten para el bebé. He aquí cómo usted puede hacer uno:

1. conocer primero el tamaño de la canasta que va a utilizar. Una gran cesta puede ser difícil de llenar, por lo que se recomienda un tamaño mediano. Por lo general, las tiendas de artesanía venden cestas de diferentes tamaños, formas y colores. papel y tejidos de rafia rallado hacen grandes rellenos para ser capas en la parte inferior de la cesta, junto con toallas y mantas para bebés.

2. Si usted tiene una gran cesta, puede llenar fácilmente por la elección de los elementos más grandes, así, como edredones de cuna, conejo de peluche o de peluche, almohadas o protectores de cuna.

3. Tome en consideración el sexo del bebé, lo que realmente necesita el bebé. Para un primer bebé, habrá muchas cosas que va a necesitar. Tener que mirar a un registro del bebé si la madre tiene que ser uno, puede ayudar mucho, ya que usted sabrá lo que realmente necesita el bebé. Si no la hay, siempre se puede pedir a la madre qué más se necesita para el bebé.

4. Considere la posibilidad de tener un tema. Puede cargar la cesta con todo lo rosa para una niña o todo azul para un bebé, o todo lo que tenga un “Pooh” o un diseño dinosaurio. Una canasta tema de la hora de dormir lleno de libros de cuentos, CD de música, mantas, almohadas, pijama, musical cuna móvil y un oso de peluche puede ser una idea maravillosa. Sea creativo y dejar volar su imaginación.

5. Otra manera de ser creativo es en lugar de utilizar una cesta, una bañera de bebé, una bolsa de pañales, un pequeño cesto de la ropa o de un tronco también se puede utilizar.

6. Para una bañera, se puede llenar con accesorios de baño del bebé, tales como jabones, toallas, baño de burbujas, polvo, loción, champú para bebés y juguetes de goma del baño.

7. Para el tronco, se puede llenar con el libro de recuerdo para bebés, productos monograma, recibiendo mantas, artículos de la herencia, un marco de fotos y un libro de inspiración que ver con la mamá y el bebé. También puede colocar una pequeña nota de inspiración que contiene todos sus deseos para el bebé. Esto añade un toque más personal a su regalo.

8. Para el cesto de la ropa, se puede rellenar con zapatillas lindo, pañales, peine y cepillo de bebé, botines, y ropa de bebé.

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