The S.W.P.D. Recipe for Success

The S.W.P.D. Recipe for Success

A wonderful quote by author and scholar William A. Ward relates a time-tested recipe for success. Think of it as the S.W.P.D. success recipe. This simple and powerful formula has brought success to many men and women who have put it to use. S.W.P.D stands for studying, working, preparing, and dreaming.
"Recipe for success: Study while others are sleeping; work while others are loafing; prepare while others are playing; and dream while others are wishing." – William A. Ward
Move Beyond Limitations and See the Outcome
We each define success differently. We also have different limitations. Yet limitations need not stop us from living our purpose and achieving our objectives.
We will be guided by powerful helping hands when we commit ourselves to success, and follow it’s laws. Success begins by requiring that we keep our minds focused on our desired outcome, not our limitations.
Mr. Ward also said, "If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it."
The success we envision can seem far away. The preparations necessary may take time and effort. There may be temptations to quit with the finish line years in the distance. Mentally zoom in and look at it! Experience your future success internally today.
Take Small Steps for Big Results
Instead of trying to leap from the starting line to the finish line, we can begin by taking one small step – doing what we are capable of doing – today. Success results from small disciplined actions repeated each day. Small purposeful steps will eventually get us to the finish line.
Prepare and Move Forward to Succeed
Some skip planning and preparation, want the work done for them, and want the payoff; they will never succeed. We need to take a stand for what we want, commit to it, and then start building our own doors to knock on. Commitment holds power, and moves us to take the actions necessary to reach our goals and objectives.
Keep Learning and Get Fired Up
Success does not exist inside books. Yet books are valuable in that they catalyze the abilities already inside us. Books wake us up, and provide necessary inspiration, motivation, and education. They nourish and fire up our potential. Then it is up to us to put that knowledge into action, and develop discipline and skills. Good books work… if we work.
Success is Within You
The Creator placed the seeds of success in the exact place they would be needed; they live inside of us, waiting to germinate, grow, and blossom. When we stay focused on our objectives, and follow time-tested recipes for success, those seeds will grow to bring rewarding accomplishments in the years to come.
Begin dreaming, studying, planning, and working for what you want today. Your gifts will make room for the achievements of your dreams. Your success will bring value and joy to you and all those you serve!

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All Successful People Do This…And You Too Can Do It

All Successful People Do This…And You Too Can Do It

Did you know that by applying a simple strategy you can become successful beyond your imagination?!

Success is not dedicated for a certain category of lucky talented people and hence anyone can become similar to those success gurus.

Success doesn’t depend on your environment, circumstances, level of education, financial situation,…etc.

All successful people faced a lot of negative circumstances and failures before they achieve what they want. They were poor, with little or no education, and were brought up under tough circumstances.

But they all followed the same strategy, to change their circumstances and reach their dreams.

You must follow this simple strategy, if you want to achieve your goals and become successful.

Here is the ultimate success strategy:

"Apply the Principles of Success"

Simple, right?!!!

But always remember: “The true power lies under the real simplicity".

This powerful strategy guarantees your success because principles are the same and always work.

Success principles are the same no matter where you live or when you live.

Success principles always work because they are proven facts used by all successful people to achieve their goals.

Success leaves clues. And these clues are timeless success principles.

Principles will work for you as well but this depends on a single condition.

This condition is: "Principles always work if you work the principles"

You must apply these principles and put them in action.

Action makes all the difference.

Successful people believe in principles and so they persist until they see the results.

Apply success principles and they will always work. Since they worked with all who applied them, they will work with you too.

But remember you must work the principles yourself. Don’t wait for somebody else to apply the principles for you.

You must apply the principles by yourself. Don’t wait for somebody to give you permission to become successful.

Analyze your situation and see how this principle can work for you. Do it yourself.

You must lead your life.

And never surrender.

Keep practicing the principle until it works.

It takes time to master success principles. Like when you start driving your car, it took time to be a good driver.

It needs practice until you get positive results.

And here comes the benefit of having a mentor in your life. He can guide you through your journey and support you in every step. And, he can teach you these principles and how to master them.

Read success books and you will gain life time experience from the expert authors.

Attend success and personal development seminars and courses to get close to success mentors and learn from their experience.

Success Principles always work if you work them. Keep practicing the principles until you master them.

You too can become successful with the same principles used by all successful people in the world.

Start living the life of your dreams.

My friend you can make a difference.

I believe in you.

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The 8 Elements of Success in Network Marketing

The 8 Elements of Success in Network Marketing

In the first place : What is Success to you?
Success n
1. the achievement of something attempted.
2. the attainment of wealth, fame or position
3. a person or thing that is successful.
4. an outcome
Success is after all a satisfying state of mind.
When one achieves an objective, and has a feeling of good emotions about the situation or circumstance, this is the attainment of success.
Success is also an image that you have in your mind.
Most importantly, your “Whys” are what drive your success.
The 8 Elements of a Successful Network Marketing Business are:
1. Love
2. Focus
3. Time
4. Skill
5. Imagination
6. Personal health
7. Personal Development
8. Determination
1. Love for the Business
Love for the business plays an important part in your success. The driving and motivating factor of your success. Love of your unique business is the success driver in you to connect to the products, people, your business as a whole. What you valued most in your business?
2. Focus on the Business
One pin point focusing to build your business to success. When you are focused, people will be drawn to you, producing conviction in you, giving birth to your leadership. Having a crystal clear path for your Business. You need to know your steps towards your success. You need this path and others will be able to follow.
3. Time for your Online Business.
To make your Network Marketing Business a success you must spend productive time on it. Spending time and efforts to research the business niches, your competitors and the market itself. Spending time to find ways to market your products and working with your team.
4. Skills
Skills and knowledge gained through the learning process, through books, courses, seminars, training etc. Most importantly, knowledge is gained through the processes of practices and experiences. Develop a skill set for your business and ultimately your leadership and team building.
5. Imagination
Unlock your imagination, unlock your creative mind, your emotions. Showing your huge vision in your life. “What your mind perceived, you can achieve.”
6. Personal Health.
To achieve Network Marketing Business success, we need mental as well as physical health. Healthy mindset to think, plan and make decisions. Healthy conscious as well as sub-conscious minds, do make or break your successful business.
7. Personal Development.
Continuous personal development is very important, for someone to be successful. Not only in the business sense, but also the personal development, in areas of personal and mental skills. Should it be spiritual growth, motivational, leadership skills, relationships skills, communication skills, prospecting, marketing and sales.
8. Determination
Stop at nothing. No matter what others say, don’t stop; just do it, just go forward. Gather and raise extra ordinary energy and faith in you. When you get a "NO"; it is just the timing, not you! Go to the next one. “Nos” are temporary, “Yeses” will come’!
There are many people who spend their time talking and just dreaming about Network Marketing Business Success; but never making the effort to do anything about it. Some put in the knowledge and the time, but when opportunity comes knocking they do not respond and therefore nothing happens. Only those who work on these elements of the business success, and when opportunity knocks they do not hesitate to seize it. Network Marketing Business success goes to people with desires for success. Are you one of them?

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Atkins Success Stories

Atkins Success Stories

Atkins diet has come a long way since its introduction in 1960s. Several versions of it have been released and several studies validating its role in weight loss and general well-being have been conducted. Along with these, several Atkins success stories have been told, encouraging people to try and benefit from Atkins diet.

If you happen to be one of those who are encouraged by Atkins’ principles and plan, I bet you would love to read first some of the published Atkins success stories. Reading these Atkins success stories will to some degree help you decide on whether to try Atkins or not. They will even give you idea on what to eat and what to avoid while doing the diet. But the question is where exactly you can find some of the worth-reading Atkins success stories? The answer for this is pretty simple – just go online.

Several Atkins success stories have been presented online by a number of websites. A few clicks of the mouse will even lead you to a site that contains a number of Atkins success stories that are really worth reading. However, when reading these stories, try not to be biased. Weigh things first before you decide, and make your decision based on what you really want, not on what you’ve read.

Here are few of the worth visiting sites online for Atkins success stories. Consider each one of them.

This site is in the first place designed for the low carb junkies. Here you can find a number of information, guides, advices and tips all about low carb dieting. You can also find a number of Atkins success stories, all compiled in one page for an easy access. All of the success stories presented here are said to be inspirational stories from successful low carb dieters. What’s more interesting to know is that these stories are told with lessons learned. And, if you yourself have tried Atkins and have something to share, you can also tell readers about your story here. is also out there to give you a number of success stories that are really worth reading. Note that all of the Atkins success stories featured in this site are all actual personal stories of success with Atkins or low carb diet. And, just like in, you can post or share your own story of success here, if you wish.

As the name implies, this site is designed as an Atkins diet bulletin board. So it is expected that people who have something to share about their experiences with Atkins meet and exchange ideas and thoughts here. With this, it’s no wonder then that you can find a number of Atkins success stories from this page. Almost every member of this online message board has his or her own story, so be ready to browse and sort out the best stories of success with Atkins diet.

You can find other stories of success with Atkins in several other sites out there on the web. All you need to have is time and effort for finding them.

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10 Steps to Christian Success

10 Steps to Christian Success

1) Spend time with Jesus Christ every single day. I cannot stress that enough for the success minded Christian. So often we spend our time working on things that have no bearing on our future christian success (nor any current success value) because we haven’t taken the time to focus and understand what Jesus Christ wants for our lives and our success.

2) Study the Word and discover what the top five (or six) christian success priorities in your life should be. For example, for you it might be: Christ, spouse, children, work, retirement. For another, it might be: Christ, a hobby, work, retirement, missions work. And for yet another: Christ, spouse, work, a hobby, physical fitness. For each of you, christian success priorities might be a little different in the number 4, 5, or (6) spots, but the first two or three are probably Christ and family. Once you know your success priorities, you are ready for step 3)

3) Develop a “progress plan” for each of your areas of top success priority. When you look at your life six months from now, especially in these areas of success priority, you should be further along and better adapted in each of these areas than you are today. Look back six months ago. Have you improved in each of your success priority areas? If not, you need to take action. Now!

4) Find a christian success mentor. This success mentor should be someone who can be concerned primarily for your personal growth in these areas of success priority. This should not be someone who is an “equal” with you—someone who also confides in you. This should be a “one-way” street. They should be able to listen to your success priorities, help you develop a game plan for meeting them, and be able to criticize you when you aren’t following your game plan. Because of that, they should probably not be someone with whom you are close emotionally, like a best friend or spouse. They should be a more neutral party, perhaps someone from a small group class at church or someone recommended to you by your pastor.

5) Break each of your success priorities down into individual goal steps. These “steps” should be small enough that you can focus on that one step at a time and they shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish individually, and yet when you have completed all of the steps you have gained significant ground in your priority for the given period, e.g. six months.

6) Write down all of your success priorities and your goal steps for accomplishing them. Leave room next to each goal step to write the date you started the goal step and the date you finished it. At the end of the six months (and during it too) you will be able to specifically track your progress.

7) Eliminate unnecessary things in your life which do not help you accomplish your success priorities. Try unplugging the TV three nights a week until your success priorities are accomplished. Have an “email free” day of the week. Take Sunday off from everything. If the telephone is an incessant nuisance, turn it off two nights a week.

8) Evaluate your rest…are you getting enough sleep? What can you do to get more sleep? What about recreation (non-TV)? Are you walking, hiking, reading, meeting with friends regularly? Are you spending enough time with your family without interruptions by the phone or work? Do what it takes to get rest and recreation and include the family in this step.

9) Evaluate your success regularly. There isn’t much that substitutes for assessing your progress last week and making goals for the coming week. Sure, some weeks you will fall short, but in others you will easily meet your personal success expectations. As you follow these 10 steps, setting success priorities, making goal steps, and following through on all of it will get easier.

10) Just do it! Start somewhere, start today! Don’t just close this page and forget all this! You took the time to read this; if you do nothing with it you will continue to fall short of your own personal expectations.

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Overnight success-The shocking truth

Overnight success-The shocking truth

Overnight success-The shocking truth
Overnight success seems to be happening to a lot of other people all the time. A new popstar arrives in a blaze of glory and is an instant success. A hotshot businessman or online marketer suddenly appears, telling how they are raking in millions. So how come you aren’t an overnight success? Why are you still working so hard at your business, your career or whatever else your personal view of success maybe? Well here’s the shocking truth about becoming an overnight success…. It doesn’t happen overnight. Take some time out and lookup some of the apparent overnight success stories, and you’ll find a common theme running along all of their stories. Almost without exception they were all working hard, exactly the same way you are, for some time before they acheived "overnight success". Read or watch interviews with popstars who have suddenly appeared and you’ll find they were playing small gigs, knocking on talent agents doors, entering contests for years before they were discovered. The highflying business owner or "new internet marketing guru" has a string of failures behind him or her preceding that one big breakthrough which launched them to guru status and the big earnings.
Dig even deeper and you’ll find one other thing these success stories all have in common, they didn’t give up. Sure they suffered knockbacks, failures and losses before they hit the bigtime and became known as an overnight success, but they kept getting back up and trying again.
So if you want to be the next "overnight success" you may have to work at it for a while, but most of all you’ll have to make sure you never give up.

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Defining Success Your Way!

Defining Success Your Way!

In my career advising practice, I often find that my clients are not clear about what success means for them. Our society defines success primarily around three elements: power, money and fame. Many of you reading this may be saying, “wait a minute –those elements are not the most important things to me.” Success is often intangible. It’s certainly unique to each person. Have you considered how you will know when you are successful?
For one of my current clients, a definition of success is having autonomy in her work. She wants to set her own goals and direct her own activities. She’s considering part-time consulting work as a transition to her success. Another client defines success as a satisfying family and personal life – she’s looking for work that allows her flexible hours and telecommuting days.
In her book, “If Success is a Game, These Are the Rules”, Cherie Carter-Scott gives several examples of success:
financial terms – enough to retire by 50 or to buy a cabin in the woods
emotional fulfillment and stability – a harmonious family life
glory – athletic accomplishments
courage – overcoming a serious illness or tragedy
making a difference – change people’s life in a positive way
accumulation of knowledge and understanding
Can you come up with 3 ways to measure success for yourself? Remember, there is not a universal standard or “right” definition of success. Define what’s truly important to you. Once you’ve figured out what success means to you, you can realign your life, goals, and relationships around these priorities.
A great way to start the process of defining success is to complete these sentences:
The people I view as successful are….
I feel successful when…..
My symbols of success are….
I will feel like a success when I….
You’ll need to work with your statements until they feel or sound just right. Once you’ve defined success, start taking action to reach it. Set powerful goals and get the support you need to reach them. Expect and learn how to cope with barriers such as fear of change, your “yeah buts” and fear of identity change.
Success is a process that never ends. As you reach the height of one goal you’ll see another mountaintop you’ll want to climb. Along the way, don’t forget to appreciate what you already have and to celebrate each small accomplishment that leads to the grand prize!

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Pilates Story Success Winsor Claims

Pilates Story Success Winsor Claims

If you haven’t encountered Pilates story success Winsor claims, I recommend you to pay attention and take note of some of the acknowledged Pilates story success Winsor claims that most of the Winsor Pilates clients presented.

So here we are. The Winsor Pilates having attained a high level of popularity because of its clients’ Pilates story success Winsor claims reached a wide ranging expansion in most places. Those clients’ Pilates story success Winsor claims even become a vehicle to create a nostalgic effect to most people. As such, many people were encouraged to undergo such form of exercise.

With those widely-spread Pilates story success Winsor claims, much inventions or supporting kits to Winsor Pilates program was designed to meet the needs of most of the customers. Here is some of the Pilates story success Winsor claims that affected and encouraged the average population to cater to Winsor Pilates workout program:

Daisy Fuentes, a popular model and actress commented in her Pilates story success Winsor claim that after she took the Winsor Pilates program she lost a ton of weight and people started telling her that she looked great. After Daisy Fuentes’ Pilates story success Winsor claims, she became a Winsor Pilates devotee. Another Pilates story success Winsor claim is given by one of the regular Winsor Pilates client named Jeff Reiff who said that by doing Winsor Pilates, he lost 30 pounds and 8 inches in his waist. In his Pilates story success Winsor claims he said that he went from a size 42 to a size 34 pants. He further said in his Pilates story success Winsor claims that everyone can get the benefits with Winsor Pilates by lifting weights.

Furthermore, another Pilates story success Winsor claim is presented by Camille Bunum who lost 14 pounds by doing Winsor Pilates exercise. She commented in her Pilates story success Winsor claims that in twelve weeks she went from a size 14 to a size 8 and lost 14 pounds and 9 1/2 inches. In her Pilates story success Winsor claim, she gratefully stated that she developed a rapport with the sales people at the mall because she keeps going back every month for smaller sizes.

Another Pilates story success Winsor claim is given by Vincent Richmond who lost 30 pounds and 6 inches from his waist because of the Winsor Pilates workout program. In his Pilates story success Winsor claim, he stated that his knee pain went away (since he messed up his knee as he played football last year) when he started doing Winsor Pilates. And for him, in his Pilates story success Winsor claim, the feeling was great and that he continued doing the Winsor Pilates.

In addition to those above mentioned Pilates story success Winsor claims, Lindsey Weinberg, a 50-year old Winsor Pilates client noted in his Pilates story success Winsor claims that he lost 15 pounds and 3 inches in his waist by doing the Winsor Pilates and his physique was definitely changed. He further stated in his Pilates story success Winsor claim that he has a 50-year old body that has a 25-year old abs. Great!

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Your Success

Your Success

Success starts in your mind.
    Positive Thinking creates the advantage.
Success comes with a good mood.
    Listen to your most preferred CD before an important meeting.
Success is increased with a little attention.
    Give others something maybe a nice gesture is enough.
Success comes when your body is healthy.
    Body and soul are inseparable.
Success comes with partnership.
    Show this others by thinking for them.
Success is also a question of your outlook.
    Do not leave it up to coincidence; instead plan carefully from head to toe.
Success is determinant with your security.
    Everyone wants to be on the side of the winner.
Success is ruled by your target.
    Set yourself realistic but always higher goals then demanded.
Success is a question of stamina.
    Stay in the court! Hang in there! (Even when things seem to drift away)
Success is based on systematic work.
    Without engagement no success.
Success is predetermined.
    Train over and over again all possible situations.
Success is a state of your mind.
    Check and if necessary change your old attitude towards others and situations.
Success is also the success of others.
    It is no secret how they are successful! Watch them and let them teach you.
Success is the opposite of failure.
    Delete the possibility of failure from your mind, since you are successful only.

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Dressing for Success: How You Can Use the Internet to Your Advantage

Dressing for Success: How You Can Use the Internet to Your Advantage

Are you interested in improving your public perception? If you are, you are not alone, as many individuals are regularly concerned with the way or ways that others view them. If this is you, you may be interested in dressing for success. Whether you are looking to dress for success for work, for social related purposes, or just because, you may want to turn to the internet. When it comes to dressing for success, you should know that the internet holds a wealth of information.

One of the many ways that the internet can help you dress for success is by allowing you to familiarize yourself with the latest in dress for success fashions, including those that are designed for work related functions, as well as social events. You can easily do this by examining online websites that are designed to provide visitors with information on the latest in today’s fashions. You can also visit the online websites of popular fashion magazines or business and career magazines or journals. You can easily find these online websites by performing a standard internet search.

In addition to using the internet to help you research the latest in dress for success fashions for social events and for the workplace, you can also use the internet to help you “try,” on clothes, per say. There are a number of online programs that are sometimes referred to as fashion games. These programs will allow you to create a figure with information on your average height, weight, and shape. You may be able to try on multiple pieces of clothing. This can help you determine which dress for success clothes work best for you and your figure, as well as which ones don’t. In addition to clothing pieces, you may also be able to test out hairstyles and clothing accessories.

The internet can also offer you assistance when it comes time for you to start shopping for new dress for success clothes. This is perhaps the greatest benefit of using the internet to your advantage. Online shopping is known for being nice, easy, and convenient. If you aren’t already aware of dress for success retailers, you can easily find a number of them by performing a standard internet search. It may be best to search with items that you are looking for, such as “men’s big and tall pants suits,” or “plus size business dresses.” Tailoring your internet search to what you are looking for can save you a considerable amount of time.

To make the most out of shopping online for dress for success clothes, you will want to take the time to examine all of your options. This includes comparing products and prices from a number of different retailers. This will not only enable you to save money, but it may also give you the opportunity to examine sales and discounts that one retailer may be having, while another may not be. With that little bit of research, you can easily find discounted prices on discontinued clothing, as well as discounts on the cost of shipping.

The internet can also be used to help you find and use the services of a professional fashion consultant. Although a large number of individuals are able to take the time to familiarize themselves with dressing for success, not everyone has the time or the patience needed to do so. If you are one of those individuals, you may want to use the internet to help you find and compare the costs of professional fashion consultants. Professional fashion consultants can help you dress for success everyday, for work, for an important event, such as your wedding, and so on.

As outlined above, there are a number of different ways that you can go about using the internet to your advantage, when looking to dress for success. For that reason, you are urged to take a look around, as you never what great deals or tips you may find listed or outlined online.


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